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"...Once the script is where is needs to be, it takes on a life of its own..."



Hi Max, It’s 5 o’clock your time, so I am raising a glass of wine to our collaboration so far. I am still smiling from your words of encouragement from this morning’s conversation … finding a magical moment, dialogue zingers and powerful imagery at end … music to a writer’s ear. I also appreciate your honesty about the road ahead. But for now, I just want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart (wine glass) for getting [my script] to this point. We now stand a chance of making a difference together.

It is slowly sinking in that I am no longer alone in this endeavor -- how delightful! Your intelligence, intuition and commitment are deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Right now I'm excited about this script, I finally have what it takes to make it a home run! I was scribbling notes off and on all night, and have four pages of good changes to make, right along the lines you suggested. You're a genius!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Your notes are fantastic, and will definitely make a difference to the rewrite in a huge way. You identified a lot of things I need to correct or clarify.

Again, terrific process. This script isn't as good without your input. Period. Thank you so much!!!

I am more than impressed by the coverage Max. I've seen them from the top agencies and this Coverage is outstanding.

Max Freedman’s script consultation made it possible for me to write the screenplay I intended to write. Max’s unique ability to engage with a story, without usurping it, led to unimagined improvements in my vision. A compassionate guide, Max gives truly constructive criticism and realistic encouragement. Max is my third script consultant, and he’s the charm!

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Max has been an excellent manager both as a writing mentor and coach to improve our work and in helping us get our work produced. Max's vast business experience is invaluable as he traverses theHollywood maze to bring a project to fruition. It is extremely difficult for any story to become reality, but we believe that having Max as our literary manager has given us the best chance of seeing our work on the screen. The characteristics we most appreciate in Max are his dedication to his clients, his work ethic, and his integrity. Max truly wants to see his clients succeed and is very humble and puts others before himself. Few people work harder or are willing to try all avenues to find a path for their client's work to become a reality than Max. During our two plus years of working with Max, we have always found him to be a man of unquestionable honest and integrity. We are privileged to have Max represent us and we give him our highest recommendation.

Can't think of enough glowing terms to describe Max. We have worked with him going on two years now. He goes out of his way for his clients - is a true bulldog - but has a great heart, too. We consider him a family member (and invite him to our own parties as well.) Can't recommend him highly enough.

Max is honest, trustworthy, hardworking, reliable. Although he hasn't sold anything for me yet, he has gotten my scripts to producers, networks and talent at the very highest level. I actually started with Max, tried someone else and came back to Max. He's fearless and what's great about that is that when you ask him to get your script to the person of your dreams, Max Freedman will follow through until he has fulfilled your request. He believes anything is possible and it's refreshing. It's a tough business and so much depends on relationships, but Max has slowly been making connections and has come a long way in the past year.

Max provides a sharp eye and cogent solutions regarding the nuts and bolts of the writer's trade, an eye toward allowing the story reveal itself. Sometimes, a writer cannot see the forest for the trees, and Max's perspective targets the individual elements which meld and compose the tone, mood, and demeanor of the larger whole. His comments serve the story. They say the devil's in the details, and Max's coverage takes the temperature of how the writer executes theme, style, form, and content on the page. He is a valuable third eye and a deep well of knowledge for any storyteller.

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