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Filmmaker Max Freedman
Producers / Executive Producers / Screenwriters / Coach to Screenwriters / Expert Coverage

"...Once the script is where is needs to be, it takes on a life of its own..."

Manuel Freedman, who is known as Max, has been writing scripts since 1960, and currently produces, writes and coaches screenwriters in the movie industry in Los Angeles.
Before starting MAX FREEDMAN MEDIA (MFM), Mr. Freedman ran his own advertising and publishing company, with a specialty in CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) 3-D special effects.
He authored and edited five college-level textbooks for Adobe Systems. Three of them are on the subject of computer-based filmmaking. For one Adobe book, he wrote, produced, directed and edited a short fictional comedy that is the central teaching tool for the student reader.
He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and is a graduate of Stanford University where he was recipient of the school's only playwriting scholarship.
Max has a lifetime's love for movies and an extensive background in media businesses. A screenwriter, director, actor, and producer, to go with his broad business experience, he offers a range of services not usually available to unproduced writers and first time filmmakers.
His company represents a growing group of filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, and directors, who work in many genres. Clients reside in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, the Far East and Israel.
MFM produces under its MFM Productions banner and has several feature film projects in development as Producer or Executive Producer, and under options negotiated as Manager. The company also has completed features in distribution, having acted as Producer, Executive Producer, or Manager/Producers' Rep for those productions, and is serving as a Producer on projects in either post-production or soon to be in production.
In Release
WAIT TILL HELEN COMES (2016) (Executive Producer)
HOOLIGANS (2006) (Special Thanks, uncredited Producer), Producers' Rep
THE SEARCH FOR HEAVEN (2005 documentary), obtained 100% financing
BOOKS & BEANS (2003 short) Director, Writer, Producer. Created for college textbook authored for Adobe Systems. Trailer on IMDB
In Development
Max's Biographical Writing Experience: Completed
FALAFEL (Screenplay), Man survives suicide bombing in Jerusalem and tries to save the bomber.

THEFIRST JEEP (Screenplay), True story of the creation of the very first Jeep.

WHO WILL REMEMBER (Screenplay with Barbara Erysian), True story of Barbara's grandmother and her survival in 1915 Armenia.
MS COMMANDER (Screenplay with D & J Napolitano), From D. Napolitano's novel about the First U.S. Woman Nuclear Sub Commander. The book helped change U.S. policy toward women in combat.
BirthCONTROL (Memoir)(Screenplay), Adapted from the book of the same title.
THE FIRST JEEP (Book in Partners with Paul R. Bruno) (Contributing Editor-Publisher), True story of the creation of the very first Jeep.
INDIAN.ENGLISH. (Memoir)(Ghost-Writer), A white English girl born in the slums of Calcutta, now a success in U.K.


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